Mixed Emotions

I decided to start this blog so that I could be completely transparent with all of you and to “keep it real” on this crazy adventure we are getting ready to embark on. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind for our family.  We are setting up another vacation rental(holla’ if you want to come to paradise) and we are trying to figure out how 9 people can survive in a 45ft bus while traveling across the United States.  I’ve had to pack up our whole house here in Kauai, manage our current rental and run a thriving business. On top of all of that, HOMESCHOOL 5 kids while 2 run around trying to destroy all my progress ha! I’m sad to leave all my friends(even though it’s only til’ September) BUT…I am also thankful and grateful, humbled and ecstatic, excited and in awe over what God has done in our lives! Please pray for our family as we start our journey! This pic is the view from our house…soooo gonna miss this! #gottalovekauai


One comment

  1. Priscilla Baker · February 13, 2016

    Looking forward to seeing you all if you come this way. Have a great and memorable time!!! We are in Newport, Tn. That is in the eastern part, about 1 hour south of Knoxville, on I40.


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